Tournament Software

Tournament Software

Bracket JD

Tournament software created to mannage large and small tournaments for both online and in-person

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Chess Tournaments

It has been used to run several in-person Chess tournaments over the past 10+ years. The original purpose was to eliminate all the bottlenecks and help the tournament run smoothly and more reliably. Many of these tournaments had over 200 students participating and a few had over 300 at once. Before using the tournament software, our 5 game tournaments dramatically increased in duration when over 50 players were participating. Since then we have been able to shave off 2 hours off the total tournament time and increase the number of participants to over 300. The only limited factor seems to be physical space, given we have enough volunteers.

The software supports simple and advanced administration modes for tournament directors to create round pairings. Registration and match results recording can be done by several people at the same time using a mobile or desktop device. Volunteer parents can be granted limited access to help registration and record score with a 3 minute training.

The software enabled paperless tournaments. All pairing and standing became instantly available to all the participants via the app, notification, or sms text message.

Cribbage Tournaments

In recent years, many in-person Cribbage tournaments have shifted to online.  Bracket JD added integration support to run online Cribbage tournaments.

As of this writing, there are an average 5 tournaments run daily with 50+ players in each.  Most tournament host use the streaming feature to keep the in-person tournament feeling while hosting online