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Privacy Policy
Last Updated: July 13 2022

The following games do not collect or publish any personal information.

Sight Words
Roller Coaster
Toad JAM
Frog Log
Sight Words
Math Games
Reading Buddy
Voice Coder (Alexa skill)
Voice Coder (Website)
Mr Fox (Alexa skill)
Treasure Hunter (Alexa skill)
Cave Master (Alexa skill)
Silly Tales Creator (Alexa skill)

The following games may collect your username, email address, and/or Facebook id if provided by you (the user) for online play, but is never required.

Speed The Card
Solitaire Online
Cribbage JD

The following app may collect your Address if provided by you (the user) for notification, but is never required.

Ice Cream Pronto – (No name is collected or associated with the address.  Just an address and an random key.)


Only your username will be displayed on the leader-boards if applicable and never any personal information.

GDPR Compliance

“Forget Me”
To remove all online data, please send a request to [email protected]

“View My Data”
All data stored online can be seen in the game’s profile page.
If you need further assistance, please send a request to [email protected]


If you would like to report any violations of this policy, please contact us at [email protected]

Anonymous Information

Our games automatically gather anonymous information to monitor the use of our services including information such as the number of users visiting our website, installing our software, and interacting with our brand.

None of this information contains any personal or private data relating to users, and is only used to provide an overview of the interactions of all users. Interactions are never analysed individually, but as an aggregate of all data, used to guide the enhancement of our services and products.

Reading Buddy uses Speech Recognition
The Speech Recognition software sends the recorded audio clips to Apple’s or Google’s server to process the raw audio into text depending on which device you are using.