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The classic card game Cribbage also known as Crib, Cribble, and Noddy. A card game traditionally for two players, that involves playing and grouping cards in combinations which gain points. Cribbage has several distinctive features: the cribbage board used for score keeping, the crib, box, or kitty, a separate hand counting for the dealer, two distinct scoring stages (the play and the show), aces low, and a unique scoring system including points for groups of cards that total fifteen.

This Cribbage app lets you play the classic card game Cribage anywhere without needing your wooden Cribbage pegging board.  The playing cards are large so Grandpa will have no trouble playing his favorite board game. All the scoring is automatic using the built-in calculator including a breakdown of the point details.

  • Different skill levels
  • Achievements
  • Large cards
  • Auto Scoring


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